The mansion like milieu and seaside of Villa Wolax offers a functional, yet gorgeous setting for activities all year round.


1. Soling Classic

You get to sail with six Soling Classic sailboats in the waters of Villa Wolax. The boats are 8.2 meters long and fit 4-5 crew members. We offer sailing courses, contests as well as adventure sailing for groups.

2. Field Target air gun shootings

Field target silhouette shooting with super effective air guns equipped with telescopic sights (initial speed 380 m/s). The target is to hit metal silhouettes that are placed in the terrain and that fall when hit.

3. Villa Wolax decathlon

This is no time to spend a month for starving on a deserted island – instead we spend two hours outdoor having fun and no one will be voted out! The group will be divided in smaller teams. Teams will be competing against each other on different tasks. Let the best team win!

4. Villa Wolax trebuche

Team activity as its’ best – release the engineer inside you! The task is to build a catapult without instructions! Used supplies are lumber, nails, tools, rope, tape etc. When the catapults are ready, teams will compete with them and the best team is rewarded!

5. Charter trips in archipelago

For the travel from Turku to Villa Wolax, we warmly recommend taking the water route, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful archipelago on the way. Our own Charter boat M/S Sangrya is capable of taking 12 persons on board. If your group size is larger than 12 persons, we will contact our extensive network of other charter boats. We also arrange charter tours aroud our beautiful archipelago, ask for more information!

6. Shoot & Throw

Nothing but shooting and throwing for two hours! First we start with a tutorial about gun function, safety issues and throwing technics. In this activity we use for example crossbows, air guns, air pistols, throwing axes, tomahawks, blowpipes, throwing knives and slingshots. Childish? OF COURSE – AND SO MUCH FUN!

7. Villa Wolax archery shootings

Now it’s time to learn archering and maybe even split an arrow! Each participant get’s his own bow and start by practicing how to shoot. After a short tutorial, competition starts – let the best man or woman win! With bigger groups (max 20 persons), we arrange alternative programme for those waiting for their turn.

8. Survival suit experience

You will get the opportunity to wear a survival suit and experience the equipment fitted to most merchant ships.

Ask more!

  • Water sports
  • RIB-safari
  • Fishing trips
  • Laser trap shootings

In co-operation with

  • Marisail
  • R-L Elämys
  • Aaltonen Motorsport
  • Panoraamakuvat
  • Searide